South Carolina Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Training Programs

South Carolina

Get Your Degree! Find schools and get information on the program that’s right for you. As a pharmacy technician, you’ll directly impact patients’ health through your service at community and hospital pharmacies. Your primary responsibilities will include preparing medications for dispensing and guiding patients through the prescription process while maintaining the highest level of customer … Read more

Georgia Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Training Programs


Pharmacy technicians perform pharmacy-related functions under the direction of a licensed pharmacist. They dispense prescription medication to patients and give advice on proper use. They also perform administrative duties, such as reviewing prescription requests, consulting with insurance companies, following up with payments, and managing inventory. Due to the greater scope of practice, Georgia’s Board of … Read more

Maryland Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Training Programs


A pharmacy technician works under a pharmacist’s supervision to assist with activities not requiring the professional judgment of a pharmacist. Before taking up the role, you need to acquire a broad knowledge of pharmacy practice along with techniques for dispensing, ordering, stocking and preparing medications. Maryland’s state approved pharmacy technician training programs prepare students for … Read more

Texas Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Training Programs


Texas is one of a few states that require pharmacy technician candidates to obtain certification before registering with the state Board of Pharmacy. Employers must provide initial on-the-job training to new trainees and technicians before assigning duties on the job. While the Board does not require formal training at community colleges and other training providers, … Read more

Virginia Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Training Programs


Pharmacy technicians work pharmacy counters, attending to customers’ needs and dispensing medication. They work in various health care settings, from hospitals to retail locations, executing numerous tasks that don’t need the professional judgment of a pharmacist. Their primary responsibilities include managing inventory, labeling, dispensing and formulating medications, billing, and data entry. Pharmacy techs must communicate … Read more

Florida Pharmacy Tech Requirements and ASHP Approved Training Programs


Florida’s pharmacy technician certificate programs help health care employers meet the rising need for trained technicians in the hospital and retail pharmacy setting. In the last decade, the demands for pharmacy technicians have almost doubled as these professionals become indispensable to the people they serve. Growing demands for prescription medications coupled with a shortage of … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Training Programs in Indiana

Indiana State. Usa

A pharmacy technician’s role encompasses all the tasks that do not require the clinical judgment of a pharmacist. Some of the technician’s key roles include dispensing medication, billing and insurance, managing inventory, purchasing, repacking medication, compounding sterile and non-sterile products and data input. In order to fulfill their demanding roles, Indiana’s Board of Pharmacy requires … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Classes Dallas, Texas

Happy pharmacist helping customer in drug store

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees must be registered with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy before they begin working. The board is the agency that governs the licensing and registration of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacies within the state. According to regulations, pharmacists must provide technicians and trainees with initial training at the onset … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Schools Chicago, IL

Cheerful pharmacist chemist woman demonstrating vitamins to chil

Prospective pharmacy technicians in Illinois don’t need to graduate from the training program or pass a certificate exam. However, technicians must register through the Department of Professional Regulation -as a prerequisite to employment- and renew the license annually. While the state does not mandate training or certification, many employers require Chicago Pharmacy Technicians to provide … Read more

Pharmacy Technology Classes in Rochester, NY

Portrait American pharmacist at work

Like the rest of the state, pharmacy technicians in Rochester NY can work without licensure or certification. Pharmacists in the area typically provide informal training to pharmacy technician trainees. However, as the role of pharmacy technicians in the pharmaceutical setting continues to expand, employers are demanding that prospective employees demonstrate some knowledge of the tasks … Read more